Thursday, April 18, 2013


This is my tenth blog and it is in response to "How to become a writer" by Lorrie Moore. This story is a little all over the place. This girl wants to be a writer really bad but she just stinks at it. She never gives up though. This story could be about never giving up on your dreams. She never gave up on wanting to  become a writer. Many people can probably relate to this story in many ways. You could maybe want to be a professional baseball player. Sometimes, you just can't do everything though. Just escape reality through writing or movies. People say to never give up on your dream... but be realistic please. You can't have everything you want. She could've been the worst writer in the history of the earth and gotten nowhere with it.

While discussing this poem in class, a lot of people were confused about it because it was so mixed up. I think that it was just the writers thoughts about what to write. She saw something to write about in almost everything she saw. The point is that she took pride in what she did. People wanted her to stop but she never gave up on what she loved.

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  1. I also did not completely understand this story but I believe it is just about not giving up on something you love. The writer refusing to give up is admirable, however, I agree with you. If she was that bad, it was probably time to move on and try something else.