Thursday, April 18, 2013


This is my tenth blog and it is in response to "How to become a writer" by Lorrie Moore. This story is a little all over the place. This girl wants to be a writer really bad but she just stinks at it. She never gives up though. This story could be about never giving up on your dreams. She never gave up on wanting to  become a writer. Many people can probably relate to this story in many ways. You could maybe want to be a professional baseball player. Sometimes, you just can't do everything though. Just escape reality through writing or movies. People say to never give up on your dream... but be realistic please. You can't have everything you want. She could've been the worst writer in the history of the earth and gotten nowhere with it.

While discussing this poem in class, a lot of people were confused about it because it was so mixed up. I think that it was just the writers thoughts about what to write. She saw something to write about in almost everything she saw. The point is that she took pride in what she did. People wanted her to stop but she never gave up on what she loved.

Worms eat apples

This blog is in response to the reading, "After Apple-Picking", by Robert Frost. It is basically about a man who is dreaming about apple picking. He obviously picks apples so much that they haunt his dreams! Maybe he is a little crazy, who knows. He is just trying to go to sleep and his dreams keep haunting good ways until his apples keep falling. I think that he picks apples too much.

If I could relate to this story it would be with my job. I am a waitress and you know you've been one too long when you start having dreams about it. Such as being the only waitress in the restaurant and failing to do your job. Or forgetting to get your table's drinks. It's like nightmares because you fear the worst that could happen which would be getting fired of course.

Robert Frost was probably interested in the art, if there is one, in apple picking. He might have been an apple picker himself.
 I like doing these blogs, they are very interesting. This story brings shows that what we really put our hard work and time into, shows up in our dreams. Just like my waitressing dreams.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Well, here is another blog, yet again! This one would be in response to yet another reading that we did in class. "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost is what I am responding to. A man decides to take a journey and what comes upon him but two roads diverged. He sees that one has definitely been traveled a whole lot. As for the other road, it has been traveled by little to none. He decides to take "the road not taken". I don't blame him but I would've probably taken the easier way out that is known. Only if I was short on time. If i had forever and I knew that no one was chasing me then I might just explore the road that was not taken. I guess it's all about taking risks. Maybe about exploring new, and fun things. It probably like a parable. Meaning that it is not about a road, but a road meaning a choice. A road of choices, yeah.

You could choose to do things the way that everyone else does, or you could choose the other option and figure it out yourself. An example could be baking a cake. You could use the directions on the box like everyone else. Or you could use a whole different recipe that has never been taken.

Unique Unicorns

This is my blog and it is in response to "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams. This story was by far definitely one of my favorites. Discussing this story in class was real funny... Amanda was sooooo annoying! In the movie she definitely played her part very well. She was a very pushy mother. Laura is so sweet and innocent. She never does any harm. Laura holds her glass collection very close to her. Her glass is fragile, like herself because she is lame. The unicorn glass is her favorite because it is the beautiful outcast. It is just like her.

Tom is just miserable and feels stuck. He just wants to get out. All humans can probably relate to him at some point or another. He eventually leaves and joins the Merchant Marines.

I like this story because of all the symbolism throughout. It helps you to get a closer feel of who these characters really are and what they are dealing with.

If I could guess how people would relate to this story it would be in a few ways. Like wanting to escape your hometown, just like Ally in the movie Burlesque. People could relate like they can't get over how great that their past was and how the present for them is trying to live vicariously through you children.

The hills

This bloggie blog blog is about the just oh so wonderful short story, " Hills like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway. It is basically my response to it. I was not in class the day that we discussed this story, so lets keep that in mind. I have, however, heard that it is about abortion. So, I read the story and it seems as if the woman is planning on having something done to herself that she is extremely worried about. Maybe she is pregnant... but while they are waiting for the train she keeps ordering ALCOHOLIC beverages? Really lady why not kill your baby that way.. but it was definitely the 1920's so they probably didn't know that alcohol could hurt the lil bebes :( They guy was basically "coaching" her in some annoying way. She just wanted him to stop talking so that she could process the emotional feeling of aborting her baby... while only thinking of herself.
Well, discussing this poem in class was probably a sore topic. Who knows. I should've gone to class! Maybe the hills that resemble white elephants, symbolized a far along pregnant white female? 

Or what if she didn't even have an abortion at all...what if it was breast cancer, or an ingrown toenail?

Swishay Swishay

This blog is in response to the poem "The Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop. This poem could have been interpreted in many ways... like "the fish" could symbolize a war veteran. The war veteran could have been shot or anything that could represent the hooks in the fishes mouth. This gives the fish or veteran a sense of wisdom that people can see. The fisher caught the fish and then let him go... Why? Could be because he had respect for the fish after seeing the scars that symbolized his triumphs. The fish had won. The story was about the way the fisher felt and described the glory of catching his fish.

I like this poem for many reasons, but it isn't my favorite. The fisher thinks for a little while before freeing the fish. I think he really wanted to keep it. If he would've kept it then the fish would probably feel like.. geeze really? All that fighting and getting away for nothing?! 

While discussing this story in class... people mostly thought that the poem was about a regular fisher just fishing and catching a fish. Then Sweeney said it could have been about the war veteran. I guess that you could say a lot of people are like this. Just filled with wisdom.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

False Assumptions

This blog is in response to the reading, "Dulce et Decorum est", by Wilfred Owen. My group had to dissect this story in class. "Dulce et Decorum est pro patria mori" means - it is sweet and proper to die for ones country. This whole entire story is basically about everything NOT sweet and proper. It's about the underlying of war. People go in thinking they will come back, or that it will be easy, until you watch your buddies die right before your eyes. They watch their friends die right in front of them with tear gas and guns, etc. They then have to go home and wonder, "Why did God save me?" I'm not saying that going into the army is a terrible thing to do. You all are very brave and I support our army. This story was written in 1917, and Wilfred Owen wrote them poem and described it as a gas poem.

Discussing this poem in class was interesting. It was pretty plain and simple. Owen was definitely saying that it's a lie. At the end of the poem he says something like, after watching these things you would never say that it is sweet and proper to die for ones country.